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Let’s take a look below, our Frequently asked questions for using our online Forex and commodity signals trading service

A trading signal is a piece of calculated information on any financial market for generating profit. Our trading signal provides all the detail you may need to trade. All signal produced and sent with a clear entry point, stop loss and take profit level.


Trading signals for online market have different titles, but all mean the same and serve same purpose i.e. currency signal, currency forecast, EUR/USD recommendations, fx signals, forex signals

We mainly cover the USA and UK markets timing. But regularly trading activities scanning is always in place and signals generated according to global market situation and events. Whenever the right opportunity identified to enter the market, we will send you trading signals.

Yes, no signal will be issued without stop loss (SL) and take profit (PL)s level. We advise, not to place any trade without SL and PL. Theoretically, it allows controlling maximum loss for each trade, which is most important to secure account.

Practically, our forecast is more than 90% to 95% accurate on a monthly and quarterly basis. Disclaimer: past performance is not a clear indication of future performance. Visit the performance section for more detail

We do not advise on the investment side. Brokers have their minimum amount requirement. Our signal can be used with your trading system.

Note: It's always advisable not to take exposure more than 1% of your account value for a single trade and not more than 5% of total account in all trades at any given time.

It entirely depends on the type of signal. Intraday will expire within 12hr (approx.), the short term will different, and swing might have more extended time.

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