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Through our forex courses, you will learn everything that is needed to become a successful professional trader.

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Our team of experienced technical analysts and professional traders scrutinise the global financial markets daily to provide comprehensive analysis on the latest market trends and to deliver clear trade ideas that enhance trading opportunities.

We combine experienced, human-led analysts with powerful, AI technology to conduct a deep analysis of the markets whilst drawing on our professional trading expertise to deliver robust risk/reward trade ideas that support novice and advanced traders alike.


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Forex Stocks Training (Offline and Online)

A digital personal assistant isn’t just a luxury anymore — it’s a necessity.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, manager or executive, a personal digital assistant can  double your productivity. We often spend our precious time on non-value-added tasks that would be better put in the hands of someone else. 

Basic course training
Advanced Course Details

Basic course training

  • Introduction to Candlesticks and patterns
  • Basic to advanced strategies
  • Price action trading
  • Charting
  • How to build a watchlist?
  • Level 2 , time and sales, Indicators
  • Risk management and psychology of trading
Advanced course details
  • Introduction
  • Price action
  • Important Patterns
  • Risk management and position sizing
  • Indicators
  • How to read candlestick charts in depth
  • Charting
  • How to build a watchlist?
  • How to select pre-market movers
  • GAPS- trading gappers
  • Reading the tape Level 2- Time and Sales
  • How to make good entry and exit
  • Learn how to change your mindset,control emotions and develop discipline
  • Fundamentals: How to trade on earnings and company news reports?
  • Institutional trading strategy
  • Pre-market and after market webinars

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